Generate Greater Impact through Competition

As in business, we witness throughout the year that competition encourages innovation. In communities around the world, this innovation means more lives impacted every day. We partner with leading organizations to drive collaboration, innovation and impact – engaging the next generation of leaders to tackle the world’s toughest problems through competition.

India Competition


Co-create the Centre of Social Entreprenuership!

The Centre for Social Entreprenuership is an open platform for all to co-create and coolaborate. Here is an opportunity for you to help us co-create. Create a logo that will become the brand logo for CSE for the website and all online and offline materials. Align your messaging around social impact, students, entrepreneurship and collaboration. Your logo should incorporate the enactus logo or origami and only Arial and Roboto as font. Kindly refrain from using any copywrite material. We welcome any number of entries per team. To participate, please contact your Enactus Team Leader or Faculty Advisor. Submit your entry before 17th November 2020!


Sharing knowledge is one of the greatest ways to learn.

The Beneficiary Skilling contest invites you to develop training videos to skill and empower beneficiaries. Create a 77 Second Video which can be used as a teaching/training guide for other NGOs and teams on how to learn and implement the skill, e.g. making a clay pot etc.

The contest will run in two rounds. The first round welcomes teams to send upto 2 action entries by the 24th of November, 2020. Top 25 teams will then move onto the second round where they will get a chance to pitch in Shark Tank style to a jury panel in December 2020. The winners of the second round will be awarded in cash price to amplify impact.  To participate, please contact your Enactus Team Leader or Faculty Advisor. 

Global Races


powered by: The Coca-Cola Company, Dell, Hi-Cone

Most plastic packaging is used only once; 95% of the value of plastic packaging material, worth USD 80-120 billion annually, is lost to the economy. Without fundamental redesign and innovation, about 30% of plastic packaging will never be reused or recycled. This is your OPPORTUNITY to TAKE ACTION!  The Race to Rethink Plastic recognizes, rewards and mobilizes registered Enactus teams and their projects that tackle the plastic waste crisis. If you would like to join this global movement and participate in finding sustainable solutions, submit your  Action Entry before 1st December 2020!


powered by: anonymous & Wilo Foundation

Oceans cover three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and represent 99 percent of the living space on the planet by volume. The world’s oceans – their temperature, chemistry, currents and life – drive global systems that make the Earth habitable for humankind. As much as 40% of the ocean is heavily affected by pollution, depleted fisheries, loss of coastal habitats and other human activities. Enactus teams participating in the  1 Race 4 Oceans around the world will be recognized and rewarded for taking action to generate sustainable, positive impact on ocean challenges . Submit your Action Entry before 1st December  and join the global effort to tackle the ocean crisis.


powered by: Intuit

As of 2017 humans are estimated to have caused approximately 1.0°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels. To limit warming to 1.5C, global net CO2 emissions must drop by 45% between 2010 and 2030, and reach net zero around 2050. Would you like to take  Entrepreneurial Action and be part of the solution to this global climate crisis? The Race for Climate Action  recognizes, rewards and mobilizes Enactus teams and their projects that tackle the climate crisis. Submit your Action Entry before 1st December and access resources to help build or expand your climate project!

NOTE – These above competitions are open only to registered Enactus Teams.

If you would like to know more about joining the Enactus India network, please write to us at